Three Generations of Serving Our Community

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Eccles

Harold L. Eccles, founder of Eccles & Rader Accounting Service, LLC, was born in Browning, MT in 1912 where his parents were teachers on an Indian reservation.  Mr. Eccles' family returned to Ohio when he was just 3 years old.  Harold was graduated from Mansfield Senior High School in 1930 and shortly thereafter, began working as a factory worker for Westinghouse in Mansfield, Ohio where he would stay for nearly 40 years.  He later married Mary Elizabeth Cosgrove in January, 1937, and together they had one daughter, Patricia Ann Eccles. 

While still working at Westinghouse, having completed a bookkeeping course through Lasalle Extension University, Mr. Eccles began preparing income tax for family and friends.  Finally, through the encouragement of his brother-in-law, a new business was founded in 1951.  Mr. Eccles, always known for his quick wit and storytelling, built a strong reputation of caring, professional service.  He never new a stranger...only a friend he had yet to meet.  Another widely known fact was that Harold never had a single client...everyone he did business with was his friend.  Mr. Eccles was a hard worker believing everyone should be treated fairly.  He proved this by his motto, "I would rather make a nickle three times than a dime once."  Those traditions of caring, professional service at a fair price are still a mark of excellence at our firm.  His business spread by word of mouth, and not until the death of his wife in June, 1986 did Mr. Eccles advertise.  He wanted his friends to know he was still available to serve their needs.  He continued to work until his death in October, 1995.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Rader

Dick Rader was born in Butler, PA in October, 1941 only to find his way to Mansfield, OH with his family early in life.  As fate would have it, his family moved into a home right across the street from a family by the name of Eccles.  Dick would eventually meet, and fall in love with, the Eccles' daughter, Pat.  Dick and Pat were both graduated from Mansfield Senior High School in 1959 and 1961 respectively.  They married in June, 1963 and together had one son, Richard L. Rader.

Dick continued his education at Ashland College where in 1966 he received the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  Following graduation, Dick began working as a corporate accounting manager with United Telephone (later Sprint) remaining there for nearly 30 years until his retirment in 1995.

Pat had been working alongside her father, Mr. Eccles, in his income tax business since she was 13 years old.  She continued her education at Lasalle Extension University receiving diplomas in secretarial and stenographic training.  In addition to her income tax preparation, it became clear that Pat's organizational skills were the glue that helped hold the business together with her father and husband.  Following Mr. Eccles' death in October, 1995 Dick and Pat co-owned Eccles & Rader Accounting Service, LLC until Dick's death in June, 2009.  Pat continues as a managing partner in the business along with her son.

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Rader

Dr. Rich Rader is the third generation owner of Eccles & Rader Accounting Service, LLC.  He and his wife, Tiffany, are the proud parents of three K-9 children...all miniature dachshunds; Bella Liebe, Dashing Max, and Chloe Marie.

Rich and Tiffany, married since October, 1996, make their home in Mansfield, Ohio.  Rich’s hobbies include golf, reading, bicycling, spending time with friends, and enjoying high school basktetball.  Tiffany, a social worker by profession, enjoys spending time at home with their pets, reading, music, and  working with her many house plants.

Rich has been involved in his family's business ever since he can remember.  He began preparing income tax returns in 1986 at the age of 14, and took primary ownership in the business when his father, Dick Rader, died in 2009.  Never one to let grass grow under his feet, in addition to Eccles & Rader, Rich is the President & CEO of MyJourney Home.

Rich grew up in Ontario, Ohio and he met Tiffany at Ashland University in 1989 where they both completed their undergraduate degrees.  Tiffany received the Bachelor of Science in Social Work in 1993.  Rich received the Bachelor of Arts in 1993, and went on to complete graduate and post-graduate work at Ashland Theological Seminary.  He received the Master of Arts in 1995, Master of Divinity in 2001, and Doctor of Ministry in 2008.

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